10 Best Crypto Coin Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are repositories for trading cryptocurrencies. They act as a digital marketplace where different parties can make crypto-to-crypto transactions. The exchanges also allow the exchange of other digital assets like fiat money. Every day, more and more people are signing on to the world of cryptocurrency. The best way to think of exchange is as a stock market for cryptocurrencies. The main purpose of the business is to allow you to buy, sell or trade your cryptocurrencies. There are dozens of exchanges.

Below are ten of some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

Binance Exchange

This crypto exchange platform has proven itself over recent years. It is becoming one of the industry’s leading players with a consistently strong performance. Any investor looking for a sturdy and reliable platform to make trades on will find that a lot of their needs are fulfilled by this exchange. It is also noteworthy because it is one of the more affordable trading platforms. This makes it easy to help you get in front of the competition.

Bittrex Exchange

Another great option for investors looking for a highly functional and reliable trading platform to handle many transactions without any major problems. The crypto exchange has become one of the leading names in the industry, thanks to its impressive scope. This includes over 200 different coins and its incredibly fast transaction speed. It is a solid wallet provider for traders looking for a reliable option to help them manage their cryptocurrency holdings. Founded in 2013, it has quickly grown to become one of the most well-known names in the industry. This is thanks to its fast transactions speeds and a high level of security that includes an SSL security certificate. Their funds can be accessed wherever they are needed at any time.

Bithumb Exchange

The South Korean-based crypto exchange has been a favorite trading platform for many. Thanks to its high reliability, fast transaction speed, and many altcoins available. As you would expect from an industry leader, the Bithumb team has provided plenty of features to make this platform even more appealing for investors. These features include faster transaction speeds, multi-language support, and dedicated customer service.

Kraken Exchange

This is one of the more established names in the market. Kraken’s exchange popularity quickly increases as more people discover its reliability. It is a highly functional platform that has been around since 2011. This means it has significant experience providing support to traders of all kinds. The platform is known for its two-factor authentication. This makes it one of the more secure exchanges around.

Cryptopia Exchange

Cryptopia exchange is another solid option with a long track record and a wide variety of cryptocurrencies available on its platform. It has a wide range of altcoins available supports multiple fiat currency deposit/withdrawal methods. The platform also has a centralized exchange service and an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk available through its user interface. It is also one of the more affordable exchanges out there. This makes it easy to set up a dedicated account and begin trading. The Cryptopia team offers multilingual support, fast transactions, and secure funding options.

DEx.Top Exchange

This is a newer name. However, it has quickly made a name for itself. The exchange has achieved this by offering one of the more affordable trading platforms. It has proven itself by providing relatively fast transactions even during periods of high demand. The exchange also provides great customer support. It allows users to trade between cryptocurrencies without exchanging them for fiat money. This means you can use it to trade altcoins or other platform tokens.

Poloniex Exchange

This is another solid option that should be worth considering when looking to do some crypto trading or otherwise participate in what will likely continue to be an incredibly lucrative opportunity for investors. The Poloniex exchange is one of the more established names and has been around since 2014. It gives it significant experience when it comes to providing support to traders. Poloniex supports a variety of altcoins. This exchange is characterized by extensive trading volumes and over $100 million daily transactions. The platform has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and has excellent customer support.

Bitstamp Exchange

This is another name with a long track record of providing great support for traders over the past few years. It is also among the most reliable platforms. This is due to its high level of functionality and security while offering fast transactions support. The platform provides multilingual customer service, and over a dozen cryptocurrencies are available. With this, Bitstamp exchange is considered one of the ten best crypto coin exchanges.

ItBit Exchange

This exchange is a safe way of trading altcoins. ItBit is a US-based exchange launched in 2014. It has been designed to make it easy for users to get involved with the crypto world. The exchange is seen by many as the go-to exchange if you want to trade fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies. Many customers claim they have had great experiences with this exchange.

Bitfinex Exchange

The bitfinex exchange is another highly functional exchange that has earned a loyal following. This is due to its fast transaction support and advanced security features. The platform is another great option for an affordable trading platform. The platform offers advanced order types concerning its futures contracts, margin trading, and lending services. The orders are unique to Bitfinex. This platform can easily be accessed from a PC or smartphone. It offers both web and mobile options. This exchange also offers other more traditional features like hot and cold wallets for keeping private keys safe when not at a computer.

If you are looking to invest in crypto coins, you will have to find a place to buy them. Before you do, it may be worth checking out the best crypto coin exchanges and comparing their features. Armed with these new facts and insights on the best choice for your needs and preferences, investing will become an even more enjoyable experience and probably make you rich at the same time.